Systems interacting with people in the right way.

From digital advertising to personalized public services.

Models of how people act

Algorithms making sense of people

The art and science

State-of-the-art models of how people act and interact with digital systems, powerful downstream inferences.

Relying on the advances in Machine Learning & AI, and collaborating with the research elite, includes algorithms that can accurately learn human preferences.

Implications are absorbing.

Understand Social Dynamics.

  • Social dynamics can be understood
  • Evolving trends in micro-circles can be uncovered

Extract Behavior embeddings.

  • Relate and compare things-to-do
  • Learn complex dependencies: alternatives and collectively favorable behavior

Utilize Context.

  • Further refine behavior themes by identifying the right context to do something

Learn from Heterogeneous Data.

  • Learn from multiple kinds of behavior, diverse in scale or in modality
  • Couple different kinds of behavior data sets, learn all-at-once

Learn Human Representations.

  • as unique compositions of different aspects of living

Capture Human Dynamics and change-points in life

Predict who will do what, where and when.

Synthesize Behavior.


  • State-of-the-art models and algorithms
  • Enterprise-grade implementation
  • Works on multi-modal, high dimensional, massive, streaming data.


  • Easy-to-use libraries for designing and deploying sophisticated machine learning models


  • Scalably computed on modern data processing architectures


  • Works smoothly with all major Big Data platforms and cloud services

The business

Let's build machines together

We mix-and-match the science and technology, and come up with a spectrum of business cases.


AI-first organizations with familiar tools

Technology Providers

Even smarter solutions

Consumer Service Providers

Simple yet sophisticated

ML/AI/Data Consultants

A capable asset for your portfolio